Nyahbinghi chant 5

Autor: [přejato] <info(at)onelove.cz>, Téma: Nyahbinghi chants, Zdroj: www.rastaites.com, Vydáno dne: 29. 09. 2005

Název: "Volunteer Ithiopia"

   I am a volunteer Ithiopian
   Agitating for I right
   For I will never stop chant
   Until I tear down Babylon wall (rep)

   Come sight up in JAH army
   In the army of JAH Rastafari
   JAH Rastafari is I leader
   JAH Rastafari is I leader here I art this day
   JAH Rastafari is I righteous leader
   And I sure, sure to win (rep)